Animal Behavior Counseling

To improve your pets behavior
Serving Cleveland & Akron, Ohio.

Dog and Cat Behavior Counseling Cleveland Akron Northeastern Ohio

You can change problem behaviors

Your Dog. Your Cat. Behavior You Love.

Maybe you’re exhausted and near tears about your dog or cat’s behavior. It could be your first pet, but you could also be an experienced owner and in a situation you don’t understand. Either way, my behavior counseling services can help improve and eliminate bad behaviors.

With Animal Behavior Counseling You Get:

Expert Guidance
With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Lincoln has extensive knowledge on the subject of animal behavior and will be with you every step of the way.
Puppy Group Behavior Course Cleveland Akron Ohio

You will have personal access to Dr. Lincoln throughout your behavior counseling so if you run into any issues you will have help and support.

Puppy Group Behavior Course Cleveland Akron Ohio
A Plan for Improvement
You will receive a tailored plan with logical steps and realistic expectations that will improve your dog or cat’s behavior.
Puppy Group Behavior Course Cleveland Akron Ohio
Not only will you learn what to do to fix your animals behavior, you’ll learn the “why” behind it and develop a solid intellectual framework moving forward.
Puppy Group Behavior Course Cleveland Akron Ohio
New Skills
Along the way, you and your pet will learn a whole host of new skills and tricks that that will make real world situations comfortable.
Puppy Group Behavior Course Cleveland Akron Ohio
Peace of Mind
My behavior counseling sessions will provide you with the peace of mind and confidence that comes from having a well behaved pet.
“We are very thankful for Dr. Lincoln’s time and assessment of our dog “Gilly”. She was spot-on in helping us to understand his need for high engagement activities. Her suggestions of various methods for keeping him focused worked well. In spite of his initial problems with biting, this three year old rescue dog has become a wonderful companion dog! We are careful to avoid his triggers, so now he gets to meet a lot of people and other dogs (although not everyone due to potential triggers!). Thank you for helping us to transform our “problem” into a great pet!”

– Dave Babuder, Mentor, OH


General Information: Appointments are scheduled by video call or in your home. Both work well. In a video call, your cat or dog is usually far more relaxed then at the veterinary office or with me in your home, so it is easier to evaluate your pet’s behavior, your relationships and the environment.

Once scheduled, you will be asked to fill out some forms and be given instructions on how to prepare for the visit.

Note that it is best to see your regular veterinarian first to make sure your dog or cat is healthy. This should include a physical exam and in some cases, bloodwork, a urinalysis and x-rays. We can discuss whether testing is necessary prior to your appointment. If your veterinarian has questions, please have them contact me or they can get more information and referral forms on our referral page.


The locations served include primarily the Cleveland and Akron areas of Northeastern Ohio with appointments in your home. Phone consults are also available. Trip charges may apply depending on the travel distance. Please inquire at the time of scheduling.

Private Puppy and Dog Training Classes Cleveland Akron Ohio


Scheduling A Call

Please click the button below to schedule your call. Prior to our appointment, please fill out the following Preconsult Questionnaire, the Aggression Release. If you cannot download them, just request that the forms be mailed to you through either through the postal service or email. Once completed, please email the forms as attachments to Carolyn (AT) playtobehave (DOT) com or contact me for a mailing address.

 Scheduling A Consultation:


What to expect during your first appointment:

  • review of your dog or cat’s history
  • evaluation of your pet’s behavior
  • demonstration and instruction of the the skills you will need
  • recommendations and instructions for tools
  • prescriptions for medications, if needed
  • development of a treatment plan

What to expect during your follow-up appointments:

    • progress review
    • refinement of your training skills
    • reevaluation of tools
    • recommendations for any new tools, if needed
    • new exercises and instruction to build on previous ones
    • prescriptions for medication, if needed
    • adjustment of your management plan

Additional Information:

  • Your appointment also includes a short follow-up phone call
  • Purchase of management tools, medications or other items are not included
  • Travel charges may apply depending on the distance

Forms to Complete

Prior to our appointment, please fill out the following Pre-Consult Questionnaire, Aggression Release and Waiver. You can download the forms below. Once completed, please scan the forms and then email them as attachments to Carolyn (AT) playtobehave (DOT) com or contact me for a mailing address.

Schedule Your Behavior Counseling Session Today!

To schedule a dog or cat behavior counseling session with Dr. Lincoln click on the button below and fill out the form on the my contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!