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Train your dog with play!
Positive reinforcement based training

With Dr. Carolyn Lincoln

Veterinarian and Professional Dog Trainer
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In the Play To Behave Membership you discover how to train so your dog is EAGER to listen and please you. You’ll also develop a deep connection so you can have a companion and partner that fits into your lifestyle and fills your heart with joy!

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Your Dog Won’t Listen?

Ever squeeze through the door just enough so your dog won’t get out? Funny… not funny… because if your dog gets out, who knows when your dog will come back! Or is your dog barking too much? Jumping on people? Won’t ignore other dogs on leash? Or…

…basically, your dog just won’t listen?

I know how frustrating this can be… embarrassing too! Plus, safety is an issue, so it can be very scary.

Get your dog to listen to you with one simple, easy trick you can teach in minutes. You don’t need any special abilities or equipment.

Just click the button and enter your email to instantly get the FREE video where I’ll explain and demonstrate EXACTLY how to train this little trick and you can get started today!

Let me know how it works for you!

“Dr. Lincoln is a very smart, and compassionate veterinarian and animal behaviorist. First and foremost, she has the well-being of her dog clients at the top of her list, and strives to help us humans better understand and improve the relationship we have with our dogs, so life is better for all of us. Dr. Lincoln is also very generous with her time and knowledge, and for that… I am very grateful.”

– Deborah and Mike Edwards, Cleveland Heights, OH

About Dr. Lincoln

I have practiced veterinary medicine and trained dogs for over 25 years with a special interest in behavior. I now offer online puppy training classes, an online community and access to me through online forums. I also see clients privately for lessons and to treat behavior problems.

I’ll help you enjoy your puppy and dog as a companion, a teammate and supportive member of your family. When you have questions or need help with behavior issues, I’ll be there to help you find the answers you need.

Dr. Lincoln occasionally offers a LIVE training on a variety of topics, such as barking.

If you’d like to be the first to hear about the next training, you can join the wait list here. You’ll also get tips on training your dog.

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