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Do you have a protective or anxious dog that is scaring your friends?

In my facebook group, Puppy and Dog Training, I’m going to take you behind the scenes to share with you my journey to get my two high drive, energetic, protective Australian Shepherds adjusted to our new home! This video is the first of that series –
I’m filming as I go!

Not only are there new neighbors, we also have less land, more exciting animals and a beach that can easily take my dog’s focus off of me. I have to make sure I

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think ahead, understand what might be a problem and then make sure my communication and training works.

Yes, there will be challenges and failures so I have to have Plan B and Plan C ready to go. I also plan to share some of the other decisions that come up with a new home such as fencing, flooring and more. I’ll take photos and video as I go along.

So if you have a dog that “barks first and asks questions later” or for other reasons, it is stressful when something is new, follow along. You may think you need to just stay home or keep your dog locked up but you may be surprised that by understanding, communicating and building a good relationship with your dog, you can do more than you thought possible.

To follow along, just search for the group called Puppy and Dog Training. I am filming as I go so if you have suggestions or questions, please put them in the comments.

Barking! Is your dog’s barking driving you insane? ?

Watch this video and see if you are making the biggest mistake most dog owners make when their dog is barking.

Train your dog the right way! The first step towards a better relationship with your dog is just a click away!

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“Dr. Lincoln is a very smart, and compassionate veterinarian and animal behaviorist. First and foremost, she has the well-being of her dog clients at the top of her list, and strives to help us humans better understand and improve the relationship we have with our dogs, so life is better for all of us. Dr. Lincoln is also very generous with her time and knowledge, and for that… I am very grateful.”

– Deborah and Mike Edwards, Cleveland Heights, OH

Veterinarian Specializing in Animal Behavior Carolyn Lincoln

About Dr. Lincoln

I have practiced veterinary medicine and trained dogs for over 25 years with a special interest in behavior. I now offer online puppy training classes, an online community and access to me through online forums. I also see clients privately for lessons and to treat behavior problems.

I’ll help you enjoy your puppy and dog as a companion, a teammate and supportive member of your family. When you have questions or need help with behavior issues, I’ll be there to help you find the answers you need.

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