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If you have a dog that is mouthing, nipping or biting, it can be annoying and embarrassing, but much worse, it can be scary.

You’ve trained and loved and cared for your dog in every way, so why is this happening?!

You may be wondering if it means your dog is aggressive and if the behavior will get worse.

It could BUT…

…there are 4 other causes for mouthing, nipping and biting, so don’t despair.

What can you do?

Well, first, know that you must do something or this behavior can escalate and become dangerous.

Understanding why your dog is using their mouth is the key to solving the issue.

The solutions can be an easy fix, but other times…

…you may need help.

Watch the video to discover the 4 causes mouthing, nipping or biting so you can solve the issue before it becomes dangerous.

And if you need more help, join Play To Behave.

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