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Distractions are not only a BIG mistake but common ones too and it’s not only a problem with children, spouses and your work, it can be a problem with your dog too.

Watch the video to learn more about how to connect with your dog and make leash walking an EXPERIENCE!

I doubt your friend would want to keep walking with you, go to a restaurant or do any activity together if you were always on your phone. It’s rude and frustrating.

Being on your phone when you are walking your dog is the same as being on your phone when you are walking with a friend. 

So when your dog is pulling, barking or lunging on the leash, part of the problem might be your connection. If you are on your phone or simply daydreaming, you are not really walking together and isn’t that the idea? Maybe once your dog is older and has more practice on the leash, you can multitask, but if you have problems and are training, it is critical that you keep your focus on your dog.

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