Don’t jump on Aunt Sophie! The #1 step to get your dog to greet your holiday guests politely

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The holidays are coming and if that means your friends or family will be stopping by more often or even staying with you, then it’s time to make sure your dog is ready!

Some of your visitors might be scared, have allergies or <gasp!> they might not like dogs!

Then again, your dog might not have the best manners (yet!) or might not like your guests.

You can’t reason with your dog, so what can you do?

Imagine if your dog got to know your friends before they met them…

…got to know that your friends are super close and special to you
…that your friends are nice people
…that they can relax because your friends are staying awhile

It’s possible.

If your dog hears and smells a person before meeting them, they have a chance to learn about your friends and will have time to calm down too.

How can you manage that?

The number one thing you can do is have a place where your dog can’t see your visitors but can smell and hear them.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. They can actually smell something 300 feet under water so if your dog is in an upstairs bedroom when your guest is in the kitchen, for example, it is possible for your dog can still get to know your friend through scent. Plus, most homes have air circulating through heat or A/C.

Once your dog has some time to relax, then you can do the proper introductions.

That means before the holiday season starts, you’ll want to get your dog to be happy and content in a space where your dog can’t see your visitors. This can be another room, in a crate or in a gated area.

So start working on this now. It truly is the #1 step to take to get your dog ready for the holidays!

Do you need help?

That’s what the Play To Behave program is for and this month and next, keeping your dog calm when guests arrive including how to properly introduce your dog and more is our focus during the LIVE calls and inside the private facebook group.

You can have a dog you’ll be proud to introduce to your friends!

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Your dog will thank you for it. 😉

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Help your dogs to get along using this exercise


If you have more than one dog, chances are that you’ve noticed that as they age and mature or become more or less physically fit, their behavior and their relationship changes over time.

Sometimes your dogs may stop getting along, which can be frustrating, scary and even get beyond the point of repair. This is common when one of your dogs reaches social maturity somewhere around 2 1/2 – 3 years old.

The sooner you address the issue, the better.

Watch this video where I demonstrate an exercise you can do and adapt to your own dogs.

Just remember safety first! For one, make sure you and your dogs are safe around each other with food. Also, make sure you are safe. You may need to start with just one dog and work on it without the other dog around. Also, you can adapt this exercise and do it inside crates, or behind gates.

If you have any concerns, it’s best to consult a local professional first.

Click here to watch the video and then try it.

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Stop barking at the TV!

The pace of the music speeds up, you know what’s around the corner and you want to scream and warn the girl on TV! You are on the edge of your seat when…


…your dog starts barking. UGHHHHHHH  You just missed the most important scene and even though you can rewind… the moment you’ve been waiting for is ruined.


Or that DANG commercial with the doorbell comes on again and you brace for the incessant barking once again. Or how about that TOUCHDOWN!!! Fun but suddently your dog is off the chain barking. Grrr…

Your stress level is now up and you can’t relax. That’s not what you want after you settle in to watch your favorite program after a long day or turn on your favorite team.


Barking at the TV can be annoying and/or frustrating. Maybe you thought your dog’s barking was cute or even funny at first, but after a while, barking can totally ruin your mood, wake people up and even bother your neighbors. How can you even have friends over to watch a game?


So now instead of relaxing…


…you are managing yet one more thing, adding to the stress of the day.


How can you stop that barking?!


Watch the video for 3 steps you can take to stop the barking at the TV and 2 mistakes you will want to avoid.

Need more help? Did you know you can teach your dog when to bark and when to stop? You can, using the 3 simple and easy steps in “Stop The Barking”, which you’ll find inside Play To Behave. Go to https://playtobehave.com/JOIN and learn more.

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Your leash isn’t really an obstacle!

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Whether it’s pouring rain or you have a dog that can’t wait to sniff, chase or lunge on the leash…

…leash walking can be at best, annoying and at worst, dangerous.

But your dog HAS to be walked… especially if you have a high-energy, crazy, young dog….right? 

Well, sort of. 

Watch this video and to discover another alternative to leash walking that will help with all that energy and also end up improving your dog on the leash!

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The first step to stop leash pulling

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When your dog pulls on the leash, it’s not only annoying, it can be a safety hazard. Being pulled, even by a small dog can take you off balance and before you know it, you are on the ground!

It happened to me once when my puppy pulled me forward and I tripped on a rock. My knees, wrist and elbow healed but my FitBit still has a scratch on the face. Good reminder to watch where I’m going as well as another reinforcer to keep on training.

So what’s a great first step to stop leash pulling? Start training before you ever leave the house!

Stay safe and get started right before you ever leave the house.

Watch the video to find out more.

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What your dog needs (and doesn’t need) to be successful

In life with your dogs, there are things they need and things they don’t.

The number one thing dogs need? CLARITY! If your training in struggling or you aren’t getting the behavior you want from them, chances are you aren’t clear enough or you’re creating conflict.

What doesn’t help? Using a stern voice. Good training (and clarity!) will help your dog improve. You can get the same results (if not BETTER) by using a neutral or happy voice with your dog when giving them a command.

Watch this video to find out how clarity and vocal tone can affect your training.

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