Group Training Courses

Dog training assistance while you’re making friends and having fun!

group dog training classes Cleveland Akron Ohio
Group Behavior Classes for Dogs of All Ages

Its like attending a party with your dog

Group training sessions are a great way for you to train your dog to be social and comfortable around other dogs and other people. Puppies learn to model the behavior or older dogs and develop good behavior. And you’ll develop friendships with fellow dog owners that could last a lifetime.
group dog training behavior sessions cleveland akron ohio

The Benefits Of Group Behavior Courses:

Group Dog Training Classes Cleveland Akron Ohio
Expert Guidance
With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Lincoln has extensive knowledge on the subject of animal behavior and will be with you every step of the way.
Group Dog Training Classes Cleveland Akron Ohio
Cost Effective
Group sessions are typically less expensive than one on one training sessions. The cost depends on the number of attendees.
Group Dog Training Classes Cleveland Akron Ohio
Socialize Your Dog
Your dog will become more comfortable around other dogs, and they might even learn a thing or two from their new friends!
Group Dog Training Classes Cleveland Akron Ohio
Learn New Games
Training sessions involve learning lots of fun new games and exercises that will become part of your routine with your dog.
Group Dog Training Classes Cleveland Akron Ohio
Practice with Distractions
Group sessions train your dog to learn to behave in the presence of other people and other dogs – mimicking real world situations that are naturally filled with distractions.
Group Dog Training Classes Cleveland Akron Ohio
Build Relationships
Not only will your dog make new friends during my group sessions – you will too! You’ll be able to swap stories and information with other dog owners.

“Class is wonderful. Personalized attention and your background as a veterinarian and animal behaviorist helps so much to see things from the dogs point of view.”

– Barb Cerrito

Available Classes

Beginning Agility Class

Location: Cleveland All Breed Training Club, 210 Hayes Drive, Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131
Class: Novice/Open Short Sequences
Day and Time: Tuesdays at 10:00 – 11:00 AM
Class dates: Class started September 11, 2018 and continues through June 2019. Please call to see if we have openings.

Class Description: The new Short Sequences Class is basically for all levels but will be geared to the Novice/Open handler. For Advanced handlers, know that most weekly standing courses at CABTC are Masters, Premier or International level so short sequences can easily accommodate you and be made to be more challenging.

The goal of each class will be to provide you with a warm-up sequence and then sequences with isolated challenges and a variety of handling moves such as obstacle approach, obstacle discrimination, speed, distance and more… and to leave tired. 😉

Requirements: Ideally, your dog should know all the obstacles but if your dog is just learning them or if you have a dog that is fearful of an obstacle, we can use your time on the floor to work on those challenges.

Link to sign up:  CABTC Short Sequences Class

For more information, please call CABTC at (216) 398-1118 or visit Cleveland All Breed Training Club is a non-profit as part of the American Kennel Club.

Cleveland All Breed Training Club

Cleveland All Breed Training Club
210 Hayes Drive
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131

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