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After 30 years of training dogs, I know that ...

...when you have a high-energy, powerful dog at the end of the leash...

...when you have a dog that will do anything to chase that cat, squirrel, bird or whatever...

...and when that dog isn't thinking one bit about you...

...asking your dog to heel, giving cookies or telling your dog to look at you, is not going to work!

It just isn't!

I also realize how frustrating, embarrassing and even scary this situation can be.

So, if you are shedding tears over your beautiful, sweet dog that becomes a terror on the leash... you are not alone.

The good news is that there is help for you and solving these issues is probably easier than you might think.

This class is NOT teaching the same old "heeling" skills you can normally learn from a dog trainer and it's not just about giving cookies when your dog gets triggered by other people, dogs, squirrels, cats and more.

This class is so much more than that.

With the Loose Leash Walking class, you'll train a variety of simple, easy skills using a positive training approach to use both indoors and on your walks...

... so you can walk your dog on a loose leash...

...even when you are faced with a variety of triggers such as squirrels, cats, other dogs, people and more.

And, if you join now, you'll get the added benefit of going through the course with my support and also a community of others experiencing the same challenges.

I've taught the approach for years and I've learned what works.

Discover how to get your dog to love being right by your side, to listen to you while on the leash and to trust you, even in difficult situations.

The Loose Leash Walking class will give you the tools to keep your dog exercised, engaged with you and walking nicely on a loose leash so you can walk as you would with any friend!

JOIN The Class BEFORE Saturday, November 14th for a SPECIAL OFFER!

Special Bonuses!

Join the class before November 14th and you'll get

  • 5 LIVE interactive group calls where I'll guide you and answer your questions
  • A community for support in a private Facebook® group dedicated to this course

If your goal is to get fast results then take advantage of these Special Bonuses!

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What Others Are Saying:



She was quite a surprise as a dog. Every single thing has been a challenge and that’s not exaggerating. Every single thing. But we’re doing so much better. We’ve had so many successes. She’s a different dog!

Sharon W.

Class Details

Class modules are presented online as videos and you will get immediate access to all the modules as soon as you join

The Special BONUS Interactive Calls will be on Sundays at 7:00 pm ET (4:00 pm PT) on:

  • 11/15, 11/22, 11/29, 12/6 and 12/13/20

Online Location:

  • The class is online with videos on the Play To Behave Training website
  • The LIVE weekly interactive group calls will be on Zoom
  • The community is on Facebook® in the private group

NOTE: You will have continued access to the online class and call recordings after the live calls end, for at least one year.

Join To Walk With Confidence

What Others Are Saying about Play To Behave



"After implementing just one of the lessons, he was listening more and barking less! We've tried other trainers and tactics before, but didn't feel good about them and they didn't work. I'm so grateful!"

Christina H.

"I'm your biggest fan. I jumped in to get help with our dear George and he's amazing now. You epitomize care and connection with your community - a benchmark for "The Real Deal"."

Barry F.



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Stop the Pulling, Barking and Lunging.


Loose Leash Walking

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  • Immediate access to 5 online step-by-step video modules
  • Access to course for 1 full year including any updates
  • BONUS: 5 LIVE Interactive Guidance and Q&A Sessions with Dr. Lincoln
  • BONUS: Private Facebook® Community

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About Me




Hi! I’m Dr. Carolyn Lincoln, a veterinarian for 30 years, and a professional dog trainer and dog agility competitor for 14 years.

Growing up, I had an undeniable passion for animal behavior and training. Which lead me to pursue behavior medicine and dog sports, specifically dog agility competition.  

Now, I’ve always had high-energy, strong-willed dogs (several of them in fact). So I know exactly what it’s like to deal with dogs that have a tendency to misbehave, not listen… much less obey, and can be anti-social or aggressive. !

Because of my love for animals I also became a veterinarian. There was just one problem… while I was able to treat their medical or health issues, many dogs were still at risk of being euthanized due to behavior problems.

And after years of seeing dog owners struggle with common behavior problems that are easily resolved with proper training, I couldn’t take it anymore – I had to help.  

So I left clinical practice to focus on behavior medicine and professional dog training so I could help others, like you, improve your dog’s behavior too. 


There’s no better time to train your dog. Online training with support allows you to train in your own home with support from a professional and with a wonderful community. Think about what life will be like when your dog's poor manners on a leash are no longer your focus and instead you can enjoy doing activities with your dog! 

Registration Closes 11/14/20