Do you want a well-behaved dog that listens?

Train your dog online, the right way… in just minutes-a-day from the comfort of your own home




Are you struggling with your puppy or dog’s behavior… things like puppy nipping, accidents, not coming when called or constant barking?  

Are your children, (once so excited about getting this puppy!) now … afraid of the puppy? Is this behavior causing problems in your marriage? 

Are you embarrassed because your dog jumps, pulls on the leash or can’t settle down around your friends and neighbors? 


Puppy Training Course for Busy People

You can train your dog to become an absolute joy to come home to, knowing they watch out for you, your family, and your home, but also understand when to welcome friends, how to be polite and to listen to you. 

You can do all of this without fear, without force and without pain…

…and in less time than you think…

…you can start enjoying the lifestyle you’ve always intended by making a few small changes.

My online training membership provides you with the training and live support from me to build your relationship with your dog based on love and trust. Your dog will want nothing more than to be with you, please you, and look to you for direction.

About the Online Training Membership

The Benefits Of Online Training:

Online Puppy Training Course
Learn Anywhere
All course material is accessible online, so you can learn wherever you want, whenever you want.
Online Puppy Training Course
Expert Access
You’ll have direct access to Dr. Lincoln if you have any questions or run into any difficulty in your training.
Online Puppy Training Course
Community Support
You’ll find lots of support, tips and tricks in our private online community that will help make you training easier.
“My pups first met Dr. Lincoln at Mayfield Pet Hospital. About a year later, they were reintroduced to her in our home for obedience training. Not only did she remember them by name, she asked detailed questions about their doggy lives that only someone who truly knew their “clients” would think to ask. Our dogs absolutely adore Dr. Lincoln. While the focus was primarily on our chocolate lab puppy, Dexter, our sweet old man, Mudge, enjoyed being along for the ride! Our meetings were the highlight of my week.

– Brianna Halloran, Chagrin Falls, OH

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There is so much to think about AND DO before you go and get your puppy! Take a deep breath and make it easy to prepare by downloading your FREE Travel Checklist!

Puppy Training Guide
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