When puppies bite, it hurts! Those teeth are sharp and with some puppies, they are relentless. They just won’t give up. As soon as you give them a toy to distract them, their teeth are right back on YOU or your pants or your hair…

Your kids might be so fed up that they say, “Mommy, I hate that puppy! He’s mean!” 

Sigh… this just starts a spiral downward and yet…

…it can be so easy to fix.

Most of the time, your puppy is biting for one of two reasons (and you may find this hard to believe!):

  1. Your puppy is hungry
  2. Your puppy is tired

Watch my youtube video where I explain these two problems further.

What about when it’s not one of these two reason? What if it’s teething or poor bite inhibition or even aggression?

For more on puppy biting, I have another video available and you can find that here: 

The Steps to Manage Puppy Biting So You Can Raise A Dog You Love And Trust

But start with the one on this page – these are the most common reasons that you might be overlooking and both are so easy to fix!

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