The pace of the music speeds up, you know what’s around the corner and you want to scream and warn the girl on TV! You are on the edge of your seat when…


…your dog starts barking. UGHHHHHHH  You just missed the most important scene and even though you can rewind… the moment you’ve been waiting for is ruined.


Or that DANG commercial with the doorbell comes on again and you brace for the incessant barking once again. Or how about that TOUCHDOWN!!! Fun but suddently your dog is off the chain barking. Grrr…

Your stress level is now up and you can’t relax. That’s not what you want after you settle in to watch your favorite program after a long day or turn on your favorite team.


Barking at the TV can be annoying and/or frustrating. Maybe you thought your dog’s barking was cute or even funny at first, but after a while, barking can totally ruin your mood, wake people up and even bother your neighbors. How can you even have friends over to watch a game?


So now instead of relaxing…


…you are managing yet one more thing, adding to the stress of the day.


How can you stop that barking?!


Watch the video for 3 steps you can take to stop the barking at the TV and 2 mistakes you will want to avoid.

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