About Dr. Carolyn Lincoln

Veterinarian, Special Interest in Behavior Medicine

About Dr. Lincoln

Dr. Lincoln has practiced veterinary medicine in the Cleveland area since 1990. With behavior medicine as a primary interest, she cared for patients with behavior issues part-time throughout the years.

As she became more involved in this area and realized the tremendous need, she followed her passion and began making Play To Behave her full-time work. Now she can address behavior issues online, which has become the majority of her work and also, in the home. She finds that dogs and cats are more relaxed both online and in the home so she can see first-hand how management can be improved.

Dr Carolyn Lincoln Animal Behavior Veterinarian Cleveland Akron Ohio

“Dr. Lincoln is a very smart, and compassionate veterinarian and animal behaviorist. First and foremost, she has the well-being of her dog clients at the top of her list, and strives to help us humans better understand and improve the relationship we have with our dogs, so life is better for all of us.

– Deborah and Mike Edwards, Cleveland Heights, OH

American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior

Throughout the years, Carolyn became more and more involved with the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior (AVSAB).  She was proud to hold the position of Corresponding Secretary for over 5 years. It is an important and growing organization for veterinarians, veterinary behaviorists and doctorate level behavior professionals. I am also active in a number of other professional organizations related to veterinary medicine and to dog sports and training.

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior member Dr. Carolyn Lincoln

Veterinary Associations and Memberships

AVSAB Animal Behavior Veterinarian Cleveland Akron Ohio
AVMA Logo Animal Behavior Veterinarian Cleveland Akron Ohio
OVMA Dog and Cat Veterinarian Specializing in Animal Behavior Cleveland Akron Ohio
CAVM Dog and Cat Veterinarian Behavior Specialist Cleveland Akron Ohio
BASC Logo animal behavior specialist Cleveland Akron Ohio
APDT Logo dog and cat behavior veterinarian Cleveland Akron Ohio
PPG Logo Animal Behavior Veterinarian Cleveland Akron Ohio
ASCA Logo Animal Behavior Veterinarian Cleveland Akron Ohio

Dog Agility

Carolyn also has a passion for the sport of dog agility and has competed for almost 10 years with her two Australian Shepherds and her late Pomeranian.

Pepper is a Master Agility Champion and has competed in the AKC National Agility Championships twice. Pepper-agility-webIn addition, Pepper and Carolyn were also invited to the Australian Shepherd Club of America National Agility Finals. Recently, Carolyn become involved in herding sheep and cattle with her young Aussie, Snip and loves it. Maybe someday her husband and children will welcome their own herd of sheep and cattle! (They will laugh at that one!)

Dr. Carolyn Lincoln Animal Behavior Specialist Cleveland Akron Ohio

I Know How Much You Love Your Pet Because I Love Mine Too!

Personal Life

Carolyn and her husband, David have four children with the last one ready to graduate from college. They have normally had a household of at least 3 dogs, cats, fish and more but currently, they only have their Australian Shepherd, Rae. It probably won’t be long before there is another puppy on board!

Practicing veterinary medicine for almost 25 years, raising a large family, living a lifetime with dogs and cats, competing in the sport of dog agility as well as herding stock with her dogs, has given Carolyn a unique and experienced perspective on what your needs and busy lifestyle may involve.

Veterinarian Dog and Cat Behavior Specialist Cleveland Akron Ohio

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