This FREE Facebook Community is for people who love their dogs. It is a place to come together for training and behavior tips, questions, answers and most importantly, to support each other as we try to do the best we can for our dogs. This group and how we treat one another will be a reflection on how we treat our dogs. With positive interaction, respect, love and kindness.

It is not a place for spammers to promote their products or for others to use your information for messaging you. If someone breaks these rules, please let me know and they will be banned and deleted.

My mission is to help dogs by giving them a voice, enlighten people about the power of positive reinforcement-based training and to help you have one of life’s best friendships. I will answer your questions and comment when I can help.

NOTE that I will promote my own online offers or those of others when they will benefit you. Providing online information and training based on my years of experience is the best way for me to help you and your dog because some explanation and training involves more than a simple comment on a thread. Plus, I’ve found that if someone invests in training, they take it more seriously and follow it through, getting real results.

So, to make this the best group it can be, for you, the rules are simple as follows:


Treat others and your dogs, the same way you wish to be treated, with positive interaction, respect, love and kindness.


If you are a dog trainer, you are more than welcome but this is not the place to self-promote or to promote other trainers. If allowed, it could appear that I support your methods or recommend you. I would have to know you and your methods well to make that choice but even so, this is not the reason for the group. That means if you want to sell, offer or link to your own or another’s website or content, social profiles, personal FB profile or to affiliates then you will need to do it elsewhere. This also includes “free” offers.

Please ask your own audience.

***NOTE: Again, I will promote my own offers and others, if it will serve this community. I understand if that bothers you and if you decide to leave the group. No hard feelings.***


It is not polite to ask someone to PM you to find out more about what you offer, how you can help or to work with you. This group needs to be safe from spammers. Spam comments (and YOU) will be removed.


Using a hashtag for common problems can help others find answers when they search. So when possible, use hashtags like
#Barking….. etc.
ALSO #Wins so we can celebrate with you!


Thank you for joining the group! I am excited to get to know you and your dog!