Ready To Create One Of Life's Best Friendships?

Join the Priority Waiting List for Play To Behave Training Online Courses! You’ll follow a clear Success Path to improve your dog’s behavior with help from me, Dr. Carolyn Lincoln, Veterinarian, Professional Dog Trainer and Championship Agility Competitor.


Training your dog isn’t enough. It’s important to build a relationship so your dog understands what behavior you want and also wants to do what you ask.


Yes, you can get into a local training class to teach your dog to sit, stay and to do more simple exercises, but that usually isn’t enough. Having a dog that loves and trusts you, that looks to you for direction and understands what you want are really key to having one of life’s best friendships.


The Play To Behave online courses offer that instruction and support from Dr. Lincoln’s 30 years of experience in treating, training and competing with dogs.


Once you are on this list, you’ll be notified of any specials, when the course opens up again and also provided with helpful information in the meantime.