Fireworks and Thunderstorms: An Often Overlooked, Simple Way To Help Your Dog

I hear you about fireworks! Those with dogs that are sensitive to storms have it hard enough without adding fireworks and you just wish people would STOP! They scare your dog, many other animals and even people, particularly those with PTSD. 

Sometimes people laugh at your stories about your dog, but you know…

…it’s no laughing matter to have a dog trembling in fear in the corner, chewing things up, peeing in the house or barking non-stop. 

Your dog is probably having what is equivalent to a panic attack in a person or they are deeply disturbed by the noise. They can’t think, have no self-control, don’t understand and can often react in destructive ways.

Fireworks in the US start well before July 4th and usually persist afterwards too. 

And the storms just keep on coming.

So what can you do? Watch the video above

There are things like anxiety wraps, pheromones, supplements and medications – some for short-term use and some for long-term use but…

…often overlooked is the effect your own reaction has on your dog, especially early on and that’s easy to change.

You mean well and may think you are helping, when in fact you may be making your dog’s experience worse. 

Watch this video and no matter what treatment your dog needs, this subtle change in you, can help:

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