From Difficult to Rewarding: Fran Bluhm’s story

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About 5 years ago, Fran Bluhm of Perigueux Poodles, came into my class after some challenging experiences with trainers. She was wary and wondered if I would be any different.

It’s important that you feel comfortable and can trust the behaviorist and trainer you choose. Your dog is a part of the family and can have as much effect on your family’s well-being as any other member, not to mention the importance if you plan to do any activites or sports with your dog.

Do you feel comfortable asking questions? Is the expectation from the instructor on par with your abilities and lifestyle? Will the trainer help you with behavior issues (that almost always crop up!)?

With Fran, it turned out to be the start of a rewarding experience for both of us. She has advanced in many areas with her dogs and competed in agility.

Her success has brought me great joy and…

…the bonus is that like many of my students, Fran has become a friend.

If you’ve wondered what it’s like to work with me, watch this video from Fran.

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