I believe we can have a magical relationship with our dog* that rewards our soul with joy, love and refuge. We can find affection and companionship in a creature so unlike ourselves and create a bond that compels them to do everything in their power to please you, if you let them. Your dog will share your adventures and comfort you in sadness all with a loyalty that is remarkable. Your dog may travel hundreds of miles to find you and when pushed, lay down their life to protect you. These are all the things a dog wishes to be for you.

I also believe this magic doesn’t happen sometimes because of us. We can do better as stewards of our dogs. We can adjust our expectations and accept them as individuals. We can communicate with them in their own language and give them the confidence they need to achieve their potential and be the best they can be. We can give them a strong and loving relationship, which is what they value most and frankly, deserve. We chose them.

Achieving this begins with our perspective and how we contribute to the relationship. Get those right and your dog will be the best they can be.

I can help you create the magic.

But sometimes, their best or yours, isn’t enough and the relationship is a struggle or even a failure. When this happens, you need support.

You just found it. Here.

Welcome to Play To Behave where you will get help, news from the “behavior” front, learn about new products and hear some personal stories and “confessions” of my own. We are going to be great friends. <smile>

*NOTE: I will only mention dogs for simplicity, but in almost all of what I write, I also mean cats. Cats were my first love and are my “second language”. I will always have and love both.