Dr Carolyn Lincoln Animal Behavior Veterinarian Cleveland Akron Ohio

Dr Carolyn Lincoln Animal Behavior Veterinarian Cleveland Akron Ohio


  1. Patt Koteles

    We have 3 cats that have lived well together for 4 years. Our male cat has suddenly become very aggressive towards one of our 2 female cats. Do you do in-home counceling?

    • Carolyn Lincoln

      Hello Patt, I’m sorry to hear that is a problem. It is well worth it to have all three cats checked out at your regular veterinarian before you examine the behavior aspect. Underlying health issues can and often do, change behavior so you’ll want to know what you are dealing with first. If you can’t afford all three at first, start with your male – the aggressor. If all is well with the cats, we can look at other possible causes and how to manage and treat the situation.

      I start with a Zoom call and many times that is all you need. The calls have proven to me that they are easier for you and your cats, more efficient and get great results, all for a lower investment. I cannot diagnose or prescribe on the calls since we will not have a valid “Patient-Client” relationship but I can do quite a bit of investigation and give advice. Then if needed, we can discuss possible in-home help. If you would like to schedule a call, please go to: https://bookme.name/DrLincoln/lite/consult-call

      Thank you for following me and commenting!


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