Getting a new puppy is exciting!

Now what do you do? This will be a series of videos on what to do when you bring your puppy home so you can get started on the right foot.

See the video here:

But Why?

The first thing to do is to see your veterinarian:

  1. Even if you got your puppy from a breeder who gave “all the shots” and “wormed” your puppy AND even if you got your puppy from a rescue or a shelter – a good shelter. Here are the reasons:
    • “All the shots” may not be what your puppy needs and usually they need more. Breeders are not licensed professionals and while well-meaning, they are not legally authorized to give vaccinations. Right there, that tells you something is up unless they had their veterinarian take care of it. Even so, vaccine decisions depend on your lifestyle, your dog’s breed and any current or potential outbreaks so please, consult your veterinarian.
    • If the shelter has a veterinarian that took care of your puppies needs, there still could have been an oversight. Sometimes vets at shelters or for rescues have a heavy caseload and may be limited by funding so it’s best to invest and have your puppy checked. I bet that vet at the shelter would agree.
    • Your vet may find something that was missed, like… fleas!!! Get it taken care of asap.
  2. To establish a relationship with a veterinarian you trust and have a good rapport. If you don’t have one already, go see a couple and see who you like. Even if you went to 10 with the same expertise and the same charges, you would find one or more that you relate to best. Choose one that you can talk to and ask questions when your dog needs care and you may not be at your best.
  3. To establish a client/patient relationship. Your vet cannot advise you over the phone, even in an emergency, if you and your puppy haven’t ever met your vet! It’s not legal. So go in and meet so you can rely on them if something should come up. If your puppy eats a toy, for example, you can call and get some advice.
  4. To give your puppy the experience! To socialize your puppy to the vet hospital, the people and handling. Think of all the fawning, “ooh”s and “ahh”s with the vet and the staff! They love to see puppies. The puppy needs as many great visits for fun as you can fit in so they develop a trust and it’s easier then for your puppy to accept handling, routine care and treatment, when needed.

Taking your puppy to the vet asap is a win-win!

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