Puppies can develop a preference for substrates or surfaces – places and types of materials where they eliminate (potty or poop).

My corgi, Tobias, would only go in a “private” area. He wanted to be hidden in bushes, ground cover or at least off the trail.

When your puppy is young, it’s a great idea to expose them to new types of substrates so they don’t completely develop a preference. That way if they are boarding, traveling with you, going to a dog show, etc., you’ll avoid a problem where you dog will try to “hold it” for days!

At the same time, you don’t want your puppy to think they can go anywhere! So how do you teach your puppy where to go?

Make sure you don’t encourage your puppy to go on any surface that resembles the inside of your house.

For example, if you have wood floors, I’d be pretty cautious about allowing my puppy to go on a wood deck! I’d also avoid any outdoor mats because they are too much like rugs and carpets.

Where they go should be nothing like any surface in your house or you risk confusion.

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