Sometimes your dog can be so frustrating! You’ve trained them to come when called or to walk next to you nicely on leash, but now… they won’t do it!

Is your dog “blowing you off”? Is it just that they won’t LISTEN!?

No. Dog’s don’t blow you off and they are always listening – really.

It could just be a simple step in your training that is missing. Sometimes you need to break a step down even more than you would ever think to get the results you want. 

This morning, I came to this realization with a skill that I need when I run my dog on the agility course. A simple – seemingly simple – skill but very very powerful. And I NEED it!

So watch this video and learn how forgetting to break down a skill to the smallest pieces might be holding you back and get some better results with your dog.

Then comment below and let me know if it’s a revelation for you too!